Automated Gates

Automatic Door & Gate offers manufacturing, installation and repair of automated gates for homes, shops, commercial, government and industrial buildings. We also build metal fencing in conjunction with metal gate installation. We take pride in providing top quality products that are dependable, reliable, and affordable


The process of adding a new part to your home or business can be long and stressful. We are here to help you every step of the way. Our friendly team of experts will assist you in customizing your gate from the design to choosing your access and automation options.

Step 1 – Choose your design

Our gates are custom-built and the design possibilities are endless. You can choose an image from our website and add your personal touch. You can also simply let our designers know your vision of your perfect gate. Using the computer-aided design (CAD) technology, we will provide a precise, accurate sketch of how your finished gate will look.

Step 2 – Choose your preferred access methods

​There are many different factors to consider when choosing how you would like people to access your driveway. These are:

​Remote Transmitters – This is a convenient, standard option that allows people who will be coming and going frequently to access the gate with a simple click of a button.

Keypad Entry – This option allows you to control who accesses your gate by giving expected guests a numerical access code to open said gate. Keypads can come standard with one single code to hundreds of codes. For security, some models can have an added intercom or camera features.

Telephone Entry System – This option will conveniently allow a guest to use an on-screen directory to call the house or business they are trying to access. The owner will be able to allow access using a telephone, computer or monitoring station. Intercoms and camera features are also available for telephone entry systems.

Free Exit and/or Entrance – This option allows you to simply drive up to the gate and it will open automatically. This is usually recommended as the exit option only but is available for entrance as well.

The Fabrication Process

At Automatic Door and Gate, our in-house designers, fabricators, and technicians take pride in knowing that we are providing a top-quality product that we can stand behind 100%. Each individually customized project is treated as if it were for our own homes.

All of our custom gates are fabricated locally at our warehouse in Marysville, WA. After 20 plus years of experience manufacturing and installing driveway gates and accessories our team has perfected the process to ensure the highest quality and service is provided.

Our standard gates are constructed of structural aluminum tubing. Steel tubing is a durable, cost efficient material that is light enough to prolong the life of your gate operator. The perimeter, or frame, is fabricated using a 2-inch tube or 2-inch by 4-inch rectangular tubing and there are typically 1-inch pickets welded vertically throughout the length of the gate. Additions, subtractions and changes can be made to the standard design to completely suit your unique style. For example, many of our customers may request personalized features such as initials, address numbers, plasma cut logos or decals. The design possibilities are endless!

After the fabrication is complete, your gate will be ready for the powder coat paint finish of your choice. Powder coating is a more eco-friendly alternative to liquid paints. No solvents are used, so there is minimal, if any, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), released into the air. Powder coatings can produce much thicker and stronger coatings than conventional liquid coatings without running or sagging. Before the powder coat finish is applied, your gate will be sandblasted to remove any oils, minerals, or residue to achieve the best possible results.

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Now that your brand-new driveway or pedestrian gate is complete, it is time for the installation. We will start by forming the cultured stone or cast stone columns of your choice. We can also do this by mounting 6-inch steel posts, 5-inch for sliding gates, into a minimum of 3-feet of concrete for maximum stability. After setting the gates and all of the operating and access equipment desired, your gate will be ready for use. Our team of friendly technicians will be happy to answer any questions along the way and guide you through the programming and operations of your new custom gate.

Install Your Own Gate

Automatic Door & Gate can provide a single swing custom aluminum gate as part of a DIY Gate Kit.

The basic kit specifications:

Size – 10’W x 4’H or 20’W x 6’H

With 2- 6″ square steel posts (hinge post with 2 heavy-duty adjustable hinges and latch post)

With motor brackets to be welded to the hinge post and to the gate
Easy to install