Terms and conditions of sale

    You are contracting with Automatic Door & Gate Co. a Washington Corporation. electrical contractors license # AUTOMDG995LK with a state cash bond in the amount of $4000.00. UBI # 601588304. Our physical address for offices and factory is located at 4014 134th St. NE Marysville, WA 98271 and a certificate of insurance can be provided upon request.

    You will be asked to sign a Disclosure Statement Notice to Customers document which is produced by Washington State Department of Labor and Industries which will inform you that your property may be liened if full payment is not made upon substantial completion or when equipment is put in to use by buyer.

    Warranty for all installed products will be for 1 year from the date of substantial completion and or date of final invoice. Additional and separate warranties for products’ such as gate operators, access controls, vehicle detectors, fire dept. access devices, locks, radio equipment or telephone intercoms, may be longer than one year. Those warranties will vary but typically are for replacement of parts that have failed due to poor workmanship or manufacturing defects. Freight charges will apply to have new parts shipped in and old part shipped back for inspection for cause of failure. Due to the nature of the materials and jobsite conditions, some scuffing and scratching is unavoidable and shall not be deemed as a defect.

    Buyer will be instructed at the completion of the project on the use, maintenance, safety and programming of the new equipment used in the project.

    If any digging or trenching is occurring on your jobsite, seller will call for a public utility locate. Some utilities will not perform a complete locate if it is private property. You, the buyer will be responsible for locating any public utilities and or private pipes or wires that may lie under the surface that will be near where we are trenching or digging. Any damage to those pipes or wire will be the reponsibility of the buyer to repair or replace. If seller encounters unexpected obstructions beneath the surface that can not be overcome by sellers equipment, the buyer will remove or pay a separate contractor to remove the obstruction.

    Buyer will be responsible for marking the exact location of the gate and or fence being installed.

    During the course of work of installing the automatic gate and associated equipment, the buyer will be responsible for:

    1 -securing installed items from theft and or damage once it is installed by seller.

    2 -providing parking one or more vehicles including a trailer and skid steer loader / trencher

    All payments shall be made by credit card or check for the deposit, progress payments and final payment. If a credit card is used the buyer agrees that seller will retain buyers credit card information during the course of the job and all information will be destroyed and deleted after final payment is made. Buyer agrees that final balance owing is due at substantial completion of job or when equipment is put in to use by buyer.

    Special terms for automated gates and or fences installed at jobsite

    Buyer is responsible for obtaining construction permits, locating property lines, easements and public right of ways, irrigation lines or sprinkler heads and buyer agrees to meet the crew lead the first day of install to confirm location and or placement of gates and or fences

    Seller is responsible obtaining a low voltage electrical permit and calling utility locating service prior to beginning trenching or digging.

    All materials are ordered special or are fabricated special for your jobsite and cannot be cancelled once the order has been confirmed with a purchase order or a monetary deposit.

    Fences and gates will be installed to the contour of the existing grade unless otherwise agreed.

    Purchaser agrees to clear the area where work will be performed before our crew arrives.

    If purchaser delays a mobilized crew for any reason extra charges will apply and an hourly rate calculated by the number of employees affected.

    Final payment is due on the day of completion unless otherwise agreed. If final payment is not received within 72 hours a fee equal to 10% of the total contract price will be added. Purchaser agrees that any costs of collection will be added to the final payment amount.